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To Go the WordPress Way or the Joomla Way?


When it comes to designing a website, the content management system (CMS) that you choose is an aspect that requires your attention at the very onset. Amongst the two most commonly used content management systems in today’s world are WordPress and Joomla, and while both these platforms have their share of loyal followers, both result in periodical complaints as well. If you are wondering which of these CMS’ to go with, consider the following aspects.

The Kind of Website

If you are looking at creating a blog or a simple website that mainly deals in textual content, WordPress offers you many benefits. On the other hand, if you are looking at involving complex applications into your website or are looking at creating an ecommerce website, Joomla is a better bet. 

User Friendliness

WordPress in looked upon as a more user friendly CMS and this is because it makes a wide range of functionalities possible through a single click or command. WordPress also provides user friendly custom fields, plug-ins, and snippets, which can help improvise. While Joomla wasn’t looked upon as a very user friendly CMS in the past, with Joomla 1.5, things have taken a turn for the better, and user friendliness levels have risen considerably. 

The Learning Curve

If you are someone who has little technical knowledge, WordPress would be your better bet. This is simply because Joomla is aimed at website designers and developers whereas WordPress is aimed at the general public as well. While you could learn how to use WordPress in under an hour, you could take hours or even days to understand how Joomla works. Moreover, the amount of technical knowledge you’re required to amass and store is much higher in the case of Joomla web development.    

Admin Tools

This is where Joomla scores significantly better than WordPress. While WordPress is simpler to use, Joomla offers much more in the form of an advanced admin interface which comes with a wide variety of features, and it gives you the ability use other add-on features as well. For example, while Joomla’s powerful back end system can be used to create different kinds of websites like ecommerce sites, data management sites, etc. the same cannot be said about WordPress. If, for instance, you tried to tweak a WordPress site to incorporate a shopping cart, there’s a good chance it would crash. 

Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress is seen to score better than Joomla on this front, and one of the main reasons is that WordPress allows you to give your pages SEO friendly URLs. So, as opposed to CMS generated URLs which have no positive effect on your site, you can decide just what each URL looks like. In addition, using Meta tags is also simpler using WordPress.  

As you can see, both these content management systems come with their share of advantages, and which one you should go with essentially depends on your requirements as well as your technical knowhow. In terms of support, know that the communities behind both these platforms work continually in trying to resolve any existing glitches. 

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